Regional Conclusive High School, Khariar

Affilated to CBSE, Delhi

Challenging for your better future


  1. To provide a heart to study happily not lawfully.
  2. To make the students realised in their heart, the need of the teachers, because noe a days student need study but the don't need teacher.
  3. To provide highly qualified and experienced teachers to educate according to the changing needs of soceity.
  4. To provide a mind to listen and learn from teachers as well from others.
  5. To provide proper mind to communicate in heart with their parants and teachers, for their bright and hopeful future.
  6. To make a strong foundation in the life of students by acknowledgement of nessecity of study.
  7. To develop vocational and cultural efficiencies by many talented and skilled teachers.
  8. To experince and overcome the difficulties by advanturess activities.
  9. To prepare for appearing competetive exams in their future career.
  10. To provide proper knowledge of human rights according to our Indian constitution to be a responsible citizen.
  11. To develop the personality, by making atmosphere to speak in english.
  12. To make the students mind to live for others as well as for society.
  13. To develope harmonious personality and prepare the leaderd of next generation..

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